The TURIS Doctoral College






TURIS stands out for its high quality of education, research and advanced facilities. Specifically, the unique combination of expertise from quantum optics, quantum theory, gravitational physics and astrophysics at the University of Vienna supports interdisciplinary research via the Research Platform and offers a specialized doctoral training center through the Doctoral College. The DC TURIS provided training through research and creates opportunities during which students profit from experimental and theoretical expertise of their peers in neighboring offices and labs. A significant amount of this interaction occurs on the informal level in the lab, as well as at joint activities such as journal clubs, research schools, excursions, retreats and dissemination activities. 

Application to the Doctoral College TURIS is in line with the admission procedure of the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics. For informal enquiries please contact the respective TURIS consortium member to whose research group you would like to be affiliated.

Taught courses by the TURIS consortium

Please browse the TURIS consortium page for detailed information on the courses currently offered by the TURIS consortium members.

The Vienna Doctoral School in Physics

The Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDS Physics) offers doctoral training across all key research areas of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna. We are committed to generating added value by bringing together bright minds from complementary fields. We implement best practice models for the selection, training, monitoring and mentoring of promising young scientist.  

Doctoral training at the Faculty of Physics

At the Faculty of Physics Dr Christiane Maria Losert-Valiente Kroon provides tailored support regarding the transferable skills training of the doctoral candidates and all Science Communication activities: 

T: +43-664-60277-72568

Special lectures and seminars are frequently organised to hone the communications skills of the graduate students.

The Doctoral Programme in Natural Sciences

The structured Doctoral Programme in Natural Sciences degree programme with the focus on Physics and Astronomy is serviced by the StudienServiceCenter Physik and the StudienServiceCenter Geowissenschaften, Geographie und Astronomie.

Specific information on the key stages of the Doctoral Study at the University of Vienna can be found here

Contact for general support for doctoral candidates at the University of Vienna can be found at the Center for Doctoral Studies and the Student Point.