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Faculty of Physics,
Boltzmanngasse 5,
1090, Vienna

Registration: 120 EUR
until 14th of June 2020

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The summer school is aimed at young graduate students who want to get familiar with the current status and challenges in exploring the fascinating interface between quantum physics and gravity.

The school will provide introductory lectures into the concepts of both general relativity and quantum theory, as well as into the theoretical framework of quantum field theories in and of curved space-time.

The school will also provide an introduction to (classical and quantum) tests of gravity and their relevance for fundamental physics.


Eric Adelberger University of Washington

Caslav Brukner University of Vienna

Georgi Dvali LMU Munich

Renate Loll Radboud University Nijmegen

Eduardo Martin-Martinez
University of Waterloo

Guglielmo Tino Universita di Firenze

Bill Unruh University of British Columbia

Robert Wald University of Chicago

Anton ZeilingerUniversity of Vienna

Magdalena Zych
University of Queensland



  • Concepts of General Relativity
  • Concepts of Quantum Theory
  • Precision tests of Gravity
  • Tests of Quantum Theory
  • Quantum Field Theory in curved space
  • Quantum precision tests of GR (lab scale)
  • Quantum precision tests of GR (astronomical scale)
  • Quantum Field Theory and curved spacetime
  • Conceptual Challenges
  • Quantum tests of Quantum Gravity

Photography and filming

Please note that this is a public event. We reserve the right to take pictures for the purpose of publishing impressions of the event on the website. Lectures may be filmed and made available online for educational purposes. If you do not want to be in a picture or video please approach the organizers of the Vienna Summer School 2020 on Gravitational Quantum Physics anytime.


The Vienna Summer School 2020 on Gravitational Quantum Physics is organised by the Research Platform TURIS and the Doctoral Program CoQuS.

The local organising team can be reached at

 Lecture Course

The summer school is also listed as a lecture course at the TU Wien and the University of Vienna.

TU Wien: course information will be available at a later stage as it is part of the winter semester 2020
Details of last year's course can be found here: 141.263 Complex Quantum Systems Summerschool (WS2019/2020)

Please contact Barbara Stros for further information.

University of Vienna: 260122 VO Complex Quantum Systems Summerschool (2020S)
Please note that you need to register separately for the course via u:space in advance if you want to take the exam!

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