The two main pillars of modern science are general relativity and quantum mechanics. Guided by recent developments in our research groups at the University of Vienna, the Research Network Quantum Aspects of Spacetime (TURIS) seeks to establish a joint effort of new approaches that address the Big Question of interfacing quantum physics with gravity.

To this end, the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW) have launched the joint Research Network Quantum Aspects of Spacetime (TURIS) in 2022. This interdisciplinary project builds on a successful research collaboration of the same name that has existed at the University of Vienna since 2017, in which the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Earth Science, Geography and Astronomy participated. Witht the addition of the Austrian Academy of Science, TURIS expands its core competencies to include those of the relevant research groups of the Austrian Academy of Science, with the aim of establishing Vienna as a leading centre for research at the interface between quantum physics and gravitation.

TURIS  is a unique combination of expertise from the fields of quantum physics, gravitation and cosmology, and enables interdisciplinary by exploiting the synergies between the individual groups.


Prof. Gia Dvali will give a talk on Tuesday, 30.01.2024 at 16.30, titled "Saturons"


Congratulations to Dr. Haocun Yu for winning one of the Boeing Quantum Creators Prizes 2023 in the category Complexity and Metrology!


On November 10th, the RQI Circuit lectures, organised by the International Society for Relativistic Quantum Information (ISRQI), will be held in...