The TURIS staff and Students

Name Email Group
Anastasopoulos, Paschalis Pradler
Apadula Luca Brukner
Baumann, Veronika Brukner
Cepollaro, Carlo Brukner
Chu, Xiaoyong Pradler
Cortés Barbado, Luis Brukner
Dakic, Borivoje Dakic
De La Hamette, Anne-Catherine Brukner
Dragosits, Mathias Aspelmeyer
Eberl, Helmut Pradler
Galley, Thomas Müller
Hepach, Hans Aspelmeyer
Hilweg, Christopher Walther
Hofer, Joachim Aspelmeyer
Jones, Caroline Louise Müller
Kabel, Vitkoria Brukner
Lankester, Garance Pradler
Lopez Aloy, Albert Müller
Ludescher, Stefan Lukas Müller
Mieling, Thomas Walther
Morling, Thomas Walther
Nellen Mondragon, Stefan Daniel Pradler
Osnaghi, Stefano Brukner
Renner, Martin Brukner
Rozema, Lee Walther
Silvestre, Raffaele Walther
Skalvy, Solvejg Admin
Stockhammer, Patrik Walther
Strömberg, Teodor Walther
Thiele, Pascal Walther
Trupke, Michael Aspelmeyer
Yu, Haocun Walther