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Joao Alves, Thierry Forveille, N. Aghanim

Astronomers have never had such an easy access to a such a massive wealth of data across the electromagnetic spectrum, coming from both ground and space based observatories. Moreover, the new planned facilities, observational or numeric, will only increase the quality and the quantity of the available data by orders of magnitude. The Universe is unfolding before our eyes at an ever increasing rate. Despite this exciting state of affairs, at the end of the day astronomers still have to sit down and write, word by word, the results of their work. As most of us know from experience, this is normally the hardest part of the entire research process, but an irreplaceable one as this is the critical moment where data gains meaning. In this contribution we will present recent technical developments at the Astronomy & Astrophysics Journal focused on helping authors write and better present their results

Department of Astrophysics
External organisation(s)
Université Paris XI - Paris-Sud, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
IAU General Assembly Meeting
Publication date
Austrian Fields of Science 2012
103003 Astronomy, 103004 Astrophysics
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